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From start-ups to large corporates, we help you design your organisation to use the power of collaboration, allowing you to manage change, innovate better, and scale successfully. Welcome to Conductal.

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"Daniel's innovative workshop was fantastic for the programme”
- Dr. Ansar, Director Msc Mega Project Management, Oxford Saïd.

"They perfectly understood our needs and prepared a consistent and very inspiring workshop matching our expectations and beyond"  H. Minard, Marketing Manager Symrise.

"Daniel's innovative workshop was fantastic for the programme”
- Dr. Ansar, Director Msc Mega Project Management, Oxford Saïd.

"They perfectly understood our needs and prepared a consistent and very inspiring workshop matching our expectations and beyond"  H. Minard, Marketing Manager Symrise.

Many organisations are structured by default, not designed.

Either they are too rigid, causing meetings to take over understanding customers and bureaucracy killing new ideas.

Or they are too loose, resulting in miscommunication and lack of focus delaying progress and increasing employee frustration.

Our approach helps you find the sweet spot that is right for your organisation.

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Our Approach

Social Systems Design enables organizations to retain the best qualities of a start-up and the standout attributes of a large corporate. It applies collaboration to marry the ability to experiment and learn quickly, with the capacity to structure and coordinate at scale.  

And when it comes to growth and change, instead of imposing it on people, we bring them along for the journey, giving you the tools to navigate complexity and uncertainty.

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Our Social System Design approach bridges:


Human Centered Design


This intersection creates a deeper understanding of how to scale collaboration. The result? Truly innovative, high performing organisations – and engaged communities of people, both internally and externally.

Our Approach

We use 6 key steps to design for collaboration, allowing teams to experiment and learn quickly and helping you to structure and coordinate at scale.

We engage your people and work in a way that is tailored for your organisation, using research, facilitation, and co-creation workshops.

Why it matters

Why it matters

Miscommunication alone costs enterprises up to $4,200 per employee a year. $4 million/year for one thousand employees.

The average public company doesn’t survive past 18 years

Only 13% of employees worldwide say they are engaged at work


Organizations with top engagement have 17% higher Productivity, 20% higher Sales, 21% higher Profitability, and 24% to 59% lower employee turnover*

Firms with high employee satisfaction outperform their peers by 2.3% to 3.8% per year in long-run stock returns – 89% to 184% cumulative – even after controlling for other factors

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Meet the team

Daniel Ospina

CEO & Founder

Daniel’s path has led him to bridge Organization Design, Innovation, and Community Architecture in the search of a model capable of creating organizations that not only scale effectively but can also adapt, innovate, and improve society in the process. Beyond Conductal, Daniel is a visiting lecturer on System Design at Said Business School (Oxford University), an Associate Fellow of London University, a Co-founder of Crossmodalism (an international community for collaboration between scientists, designers, artists, and entrepreneurs), a Fellow of the RSA, and a member of Sandbox. Daniel does regular public appearances, with previous platforms including TEDxUHasselt, TEDxHackney, Tech Open Air Berlin, Fjord Kitchen (Madrid), and MMK16.

David Schafran

Associated Expert: Product & Business Model Design

Entrepreneur, investor, mentor and salsa dancing aficionado. David founded and led EyeNetra, a MIT powered technology company which disrupted the optometry industry. Previously, David partnered with Innovation Management institute in Silicon Valley, worked with leading design thinking firms Catapult Design and Intuit, and was a Rockefeller Foundation Fellow.

Dr Atif Ansar

Associated Expert: Mega Project Management

Programme Director of the MSc in Major Programme Management at the Saïd Business School. Previously, Atif was a Lecturer at the Blavatnik School of Government and Cohort Manager of the Major Projects Leadership Academy (MPLA). ​Atif has also consulted for the World Bank, UK government, governments in Asia and Africa, and private sector clients.

James White

Associated Expert: Finance Director

Commercial Finance Director in the Media and Digital sector. James is Group Finance Director for CV group. Previously, he was Finance Director for Universal Music Digital Division and Instance, as well as Global Commercial Director at Omnifone. Qualified Chartered Accountant since 1994.

Michela Michieli

Associated Expert: Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy & Planning expert with 15 years of experience on Digital Strategy, Technological Platforms, and Consulting Companies; 8 years working in International Companies targeting Europe and the USA; and 7 years in Management positions. Michela is also a Lecturer Teacher in the Intelligence Design Master of the IUAV University, Venice. And Founder of ObiOS a Marketing consultancy that optimises your marketing budget thanks to an Organic Business Interpretation.

Robin Dhara

Associated Expert: Communication Strategy

Maverick publicist with experience advising at board level. Robin has worked alongside brands including Google, Vimeo, TED.com, Land Rover, JCB and The Wired Conference. He is a judge for the British Media Awards, Communications Director of TEDxLondon, and a mentor for Telefonica StartUp incubator Wayra. Robin has also secured three Guinness World Records for his clients, and launched a spaceship.


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