How could we create lasting collaborations and knowledge exchange between very diverse professionals, and bridge the barriers separating the arts, academia, and industry?

The Setting:

Crossmodalism ‍started with a small multidisciplinary group in London interested in experience design and collaborations bridging the arts, sciences, design and entrepreneurship. The group aimed to foster and spread a philosophy that leverages collaboration between diverse participants, knowledge fields, and thought patterns to accelerate innovation and allow those involved to enjoy the full human experience.

‍Addressing the Challenge:

During ‍two years, we have advised and worked with the team to build online and offline interaction platforms, develop the philosophy into a culture, and create a sense of community among the growing number of members.

‍The work has involved strategy, community and organization design, and experience design for events in collaboration with the rest of the team.


The ‍community has grown to 900+ members across the world, with active hubs in London and Berlin, and growing hubs in Paris, Amsterdam, New York, and Bogota.

The members have collaborated in dozens of local and international projects spanning research, performances, startups, and product and service innovations, which have been  featured in BBC WorldwideTV, The Victoria & Albert Museum, New Scientist Live, Tech Open Air Berlin, Food Matters Live, Futuro Ibiza, Also Festival, Open Senses, and numerous other outlets.

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