Farmacia Quanta

How could this veteran Colombian organisation respond to increased pressure from new entrants into the market, find new opportunities, and successfully manage risks involved?

The Setting:

Quanta is a Homeopathic laboratory based in Colombia. They have 50+ employees, a recognized and respected brand, and a social business policy that has given them an extraordinarily committed work force.

The company had been operating for 28 years and many of the employees have been in their role for over 10 years with little change. However, multinational corporates have entered the market and are pursuing aggressive marketing campaigns. Quanta’s sales had flattened, the board had started to

Addressing the Challenge:

Working with the leadership team, we facilitated a review of Quanta’s business, identifying and addressing key areas of improvement.

Over 2 engagements of 3 weeks each, we facilitated co-creation workshops and training. We made the identity  explicit and codified it, reinvigorating the senior team to develop a growth strategy and creating a tool to align purpose with purchasing, advertising, onboarding, and appraisal practices; moreover, we analysed the current structure, identifying a lack of capacity for top level strategic planning and implementation which we addressed by creating a new role and redesigning weekly coordination meetings and work processes.


A new organisation design was implemented, improving accountability and facilitating coordination and performance. The board of directors is now positive about the future of the Business. Employee morale and engagement improved despite the changes.

With the added capacity, strategic risks factors were spotted and actions

The implementation of innovation methodology allowed the company to start exploring untapped market opportunities and resulted in the expansion into 8 new cities through a new offer.

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