Michel / Fabian

How could this young startup combine the expertise of its founders to create an innovative product with a tiny budget?

The Setting:

M/F is a UK based design start-up that rethinks the relationship with food by designing luxury Science & Art inspired eating utensils.

The founders, from a psychology and design background, had the insights but lacked a robust process to innovate within a limited budget.

Addressing the Challenge:

In Mars 2016, Michel/Fabian engaged in our mentorship programme with an Interim Director.

Effective Work Processes, Continuous Experimentation, and Deep Diversity were identified as the critical areas for improvement.

We facilitated co-creation workshops and delivered training and mentorship over a 6 month period.


After 1 year of operations, the company has:

Launched its first product and has been onboarded by a luxury lifestyle retailer.

Has received global coverage on its first product (BBC worldwide TV, Dezeen Magazine, and 40+ other publications from South Africa to Chile and Japan).

The company has secured grant funding for the research and development of a second product.

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