North New Zealand Hospital

How could NNZ maintain its ethos of a world-class patient experience, do more with less, while continuing to push the boundaries of medical technology and IT?

The Setting:

The New North Zealand Hospital aims to become a world class example of a “Patient Centric Hospital” that maintains the best standards for healthcare and financial efficiency.

The Hospital team was particularly concerned with 3 key areas:

•Ensuring a world class patient experience

•Developing a strategy for IT-medico

•Developing a structure to cooperate with industry

Addressing the Challenge:

Together with

The following areas were identified and addressed through targeted co-creation workshop and 4 monthly follow-ups: Identity and Strategy Alignment, Responsive Structure Design, and Community Architecture.


NNZ aligned behind a compelling vision titled “Together we care’”

A cross-functional department was created to lead on patient experience, liberating capacity from other functions.

A strategy was put in place to improve flexibility by cooperating with established companies and IT-Medico start-ups.

A range of recommendations

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