Culture and Process Innovation Services


We facilitate workshops, give training and consulting, and bring leading research to inform your decision making.
Some of the challenges we address:
​​For startups and small organizations:
  • Creating a High-Performance Culture
  • Designing Scalable Organizations and Teams

  • Working Effectively in High Uncertainty
 ​For large organization:

  • Creating a High-Performance Culture and Improving Employee Engagement

  • Achieving both Continuous Improvement and Disruptive Innovation

  • Collaborating Across Silos

  • Switching to an agile and Human-Centered approach



Scalability and Growth for Startups and SMEs

For organization experiencing rapid growth or preparing to scale.
We help you design performance metrics and incentives, set-up appropriate recruitment and onboarding practices, improve communication, and implement scalable processes for project management, strategy, and decision-making to thrive on the next growth phase.

Innovation and Competitive Advantage:

For organizations looking to improve their innovation capabilities and thrive in constantly changing markets.

We help you develop an innovation pipeline, maximize the effectiveness of R&D, and increase your capacity both for continuous improvement and radical innovation.

Product Sprints / Business Model Innovation: 

Workshops and training for developing new products from scratch or designing new business models. 

On demand advice and support: 

We offer a flexible hourly rate mentoring and day rate consulting to accompany you on your journey. 

Key areas:

- Scalability and Organizational Design
- Employee Engagement, Team Performance, and Leadership Coaching

- Community Architecture and Management



In-House Workshops:

 Organisation Canvas

For managers looking to scale/design an organization.
We provide the tools to structure communication, design incentives, and performance indicators, attribute roles and responsibilities, and select between processes and systems.
Participants leave with an organization design tailored for the specific strategy of their organization and a framework for continuous improvement.

Average engagement: 1 day
Flexible group size (3-60+ participants)

Sprint - Design Thinking Workshop
Do you need to design a new product, process, or service?
We take teams through a whole cycle of ideation, prototyping, and testing in just 5 days.
Participants learn how to effectively apply the Sprint framework to validate hypotheses and develop solutions in record time. 

Average engagement: 5 days
Small Groups (3-7 participants) 

Brand Alignment

For companies going through a transformation.
The workshop combines an experiential workshop and a strategy session to increase alignment, 
performance, and collaboration.

Average engagement: 1/2 day
Flexible group size (3-60+ participants)

Systems Design Workshop

Through a product, service, and process design challenge, participants discover the effects that different strategies and styles of leadership have on the performance of individual teams and organizations as a whole. The workshop reveals the counterintuitive effects of complexity in System Design,  making participants grow as planners, managers, and leaders.

Average engagement: 1/2 day
Medium to Large groups  (20 to 60+ participants)
-This workshop is a permanent fixture for the Executive Master in Major Project Management at Said Business School (Oxford University). It is available for clients upon request-

Masterclass: Entrepreneurship and Cocktails

Participants will test and refine their skills on fast prototyping, data-driven decision making, marketing, strategy,  and, of course, Cocktail Making!

Average engagement: 3 hours
Flexible group size (3-25 participants)


Organization Design basics: stages and crises of growth

This lecture equips startup founders and department managers with an essential understanding and a framework for structuring communication, designing incentives and performance indicators, attributing roles and responsibilities, and implementing different kinds of work processes. It allows managers to spot common pitfalls, avoid costly mistakes, and prepare the groundwork for successfully scaling an organization.

Designing Culture: frameworks and processes

Culture starts with the first hire. Research shows that a positive culture consistently predicts sales, employee and customer satisfaction. On the other hand, 9 out of the 20 leading causes for start-ups failing are directly linked to a poorly designed Culture. This Lecture equips managers with a toolkit and process to design the culture of their team or organization.